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Staffing solutions for manufacturing facilities, industrial, office and more

We match quality candidates with quality jobs for the ultimate in fast, effective staffing solutions. Our premium staffing agency brings together talented, skilled workers with factories and companies in need of permanent and temporary, full- and part-time staff members. From hospitality staffing to talent employment, office staffing and light industrial workers we make filling positions faster, easier and more cost-effective across a wide range of industries.

We Help Companies Find Great People

Is the hiring process for your company slowing down progress or leaving you with employees who don’t fit your needs? Finding quality people to work for your company is key to long term success. With the right people in place, you can reduce costs and time associated with training, hiring, staff replacement, and human resources.

Employment Agency Toronto makes finding the right people faster and more efficient than ever with our comprehensive tools for employers along with our dedicated and knowledgeable team who lend a personal touch to the vetting and hiring process.

How Does Employment Agency Toronto Work for Employers?


We help you identify the skills and other requirements that will work best for your company and the position.

Defining the Job

We further clarify the job and requirements with you to gain insight and proper scope of what is needed.

Attracting Candidates

We do the work of researching potential employees, posting jobs and scouring our existing pool of job seekers.


We use a variety of methods to recruit potential candidates and create a short list of the most qualified for your company’s position.

Selecting Top Candidates

While we do the gathering of info and recruiting, the final say is yours. At this stage, you will be presented with the best of the best candidates (typically three candidates will be selected but more can be discussed based on your preferences.)

Background Research

After selecting your top candidate, we conduct thorough background checks including contacting on-file references.

Onboarding and Salary

We help negotiate the terms and salary associated with your new employee’s contract. This can be beneficial for several reasons. Not only do you get this service built into our fee, but negotiating with a staffing agency versus the new employer can help get a new candidate off to a better start.

Check In

At Employment Agency Toronto, we want to ensure your total satisfaction. This is why we schedule a follow up check in after an employee has been placed. This gives you and the new hire a chance to discuss what is and isn’t working in the new job and allows for the perfect chance to request changes as needed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Employment Agency Toronto is committed to being your resource for all your hiring needs by ensuring your complete satisfaction with our staffing services. If you are ever dissatisfied with our services, we will work with you to either provide additional employee placement options or offer a refund as needed.


Expert Help with Crafting Your Job Posting

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when searching for candidates on their own is that they do not take the time to craft a job posting that will adequately attract the right type of employee for the position. If your job post does not reflect the true needs of the position, you can easily end up with many skilled candidates who are completely wrong for the type of work you’re offering.

At Employment Agency Toronto, we ask you targeted questions to ensure we have the requirements and scope of the job laid out. Our hiring experts will then craft a job posting that accurately reflects your needs. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to find qualified workers and minimizes the chances that you will need to replace your new hire due to insufficient skills.


Staffing for Manufacturing and Factory Jobs

Employment Agency Toronto specializes in finding reliable workers for the manufacturing industry. Factories often have a high turnover rate which leaves your company vulnerable to being understaffed and scrambling to find replacement workers. We strive to reduce the stress and costs with this scenario by providing you with:

Fast Recruitment

Because we keep a large portfolio of workers on file, we often have an impressive pool we can draw from to fill positions quickly.

Temporary Fill-Ins

Unexpected illnesses, vacation time and other factors that reduce your work force never need to be a concern again. Our fast-reacting system can have temp workers to your facility in time to ensure there is minimal disruption to productivity.

Seasonal Employment

We help ensure your busy seasons are never understaffed. When you choose seasonal employees, you get professional, reliable workers for the time you need them, without the costs and stress associated with needing to layoff permanent workers during slow times.

Permanent Position Recruiting

Get key, permanent positions filled quickly with qualified candidates. With our recruit database, we can find you great permanent employees in less time and for less cost than posting job ads or other recruitment methods.

Temp-to-Perm Employees

Fill a position quickly without committing to a permanent employee with our temp-to-perm staffing options. Get highly qualified employees on a tight timeline while being able to retain the option to keep the position on a trial basis.


We Help People Find Great Companies

Make your next great career move with us by working for one of the hundreds of Toronto area companies we work with. Employment Agency Toronto is committed to facilitating strong partnerships within our community by providing job seekers with quality listings from top companies.

Unlike some recruiter sites that do little more than curate a list of jobs you can find through a quick web search, we have invested relationships and contracts with many of the companies who use our staffing services. Each job is sourced from a legitimate, established company that is actively seeking employees – not general requests for resumes or open job board listings.

Find Your Next Job Now

Whether you’re looking for a temporary gig or the start of your career, we’re here to help ensure you get employment that fits your goals, salary requirements and more. At Employment Agency Toronto, we know finding a job is often as much work as having a job and we help to ensure you’re not lost in the endless stream of job boards, want ads and online recruiter spam messages.

Instead of sifting through endless job ads, we work to bring employment-seekers quality jobs all in one place. Our tools and services help to match your dynamic skill set, salary needs, schedule and more with opportunities from verified businesses who are actively seeking employees.

We use comprehensive assessment tools to determine the best job options for you.  Once you take our survey and opt into our system, we curate a targeted selection of opportunities based on your individual qualifications and preferences including your educational background, employment history, physical ability, and certifications.



Is Your Salary

One of the greatest advantages of seeking employment through staffing agencies is that they allow you to see more information about pay rates and types of positions that are most in demand.

If you find yourself in a job where there is little room for growth and your salary is not on par with similar work elsewhere, our recruitment firm can help you get the wages you deserve. Whether you are seeking employment in a similar field that you work in now, are a first-time job seeker or are looking to change careers, Employment Agency Toronto can help you explore all of your options.

Start earning what your skills are worth by searching our extensive database for jobs that match your skill set and salary requirements.

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Why Choose
Temporary Employment?

For Employers: Whether you need office staffing, hospitality staffing, or workers for manufacturing facilities, temporary employees can be an ideal solution. Filling a temp position is less time consuming than finding a permanent employee as there is less importance put on finding an employee who can grow with the company. Less training, onboarding and other time consuming factors are also reduced.

For Employees: Even if your goal is to be a permanent employee for a major company, temporary employment may be your gateway to that. Not only do temp positions often turn into permanent employment, they also give you an opportunity to try a position and company before you commit to working there.

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How Staffing Agencies
Can Help Your Business?

For many businesses, one of the biggest time and cost expenditures is for staffing. Finding qualified candidates with the right skills and mindset to work for your company can be a massive undertaking. And, if you try to cut corners on this particular step of running a business, it can often lead to greater expenses down the road as you are forced to replace workers who can’t meet your needs.

At Employment Agency Toronto, our staffing agency works for you, your company and the best interests of your entire staff. Our team and specialized recruitment process have helped us rank among the best recruitment agencies Toronto companies can rely on for simple effective hiring solutions.

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Search for Jobs with a top recruitment firm

When you choose Employment Agency Toronto, we support you with key job search tools and resources, including:

Building your profile

Skill assessment

Job match service

Interview skill building

Choose your ideal schedule

Salary search options

Job search based on industry, skill and other criteria


What Makes Employment Agency Toronto Different?

Staffing agencies throughout Toronto can easily tell you that they’re dedicated and that they have been in business a certain number of years, but Employment Agency Toronto is here to move beyond the “well, I should hope so!” information  and get to the heart of what matters to our clients the most: what we can do to make your job easier.

Quality Placements

Unlike many recruitment agencies Toronto companies can use, we are not focused on merely filling all positions as fast as possible. While that may seem like the ideal goal, measuring success based on how many positions can be filled leaves your company vulnerable to having the wrong workers placed in your jobs. Filling a position quickly loses all benefit when rehiring expenses are required after an improper placement. Instead, we balance speed with quality to get you the best and most cost-effective options.

Skill Match Employment

Employment Agency Toronto carefully selects candidates for your job openings to ensure time is not wasted on potential employees who do not meet your requirements. We assess skills and incorporate key factors into our database to make searching for ideal candidates simpler and more successful at every turn.

Cost Effective Staffing Solutions

With our proven methods for finding and placing quality hires, we are able to greatly reduce your hiring costs. With Employment Agency Toronto working for you, you can skip paying for want ads and wasting time on free job boards that cannot provide you with in-depth skill assessments and backgrounds of potential employees. We make staffing work for you to ensure your company gets the best people for the right jobs.

Flexible and Responsive to Your Requirements

We strive to provide a wide range of employment staffing options to both the businesses we serve and the workforce we help to place. Whether you need a temporary fill in for a week, a seasonal employee during peak production times or you want to welcome your next permanent employee to your company, we are here to give you the resources and flexibility you need to get the ideal candidate.

Temp to Perm Positions

Part of our flexible recruitment firm options include giving you the chance to hire temporary workers who can grow into permanent employees. This is an ideal solution for newly created positions or any work that you are unsure of creating a permanent place for in your company.

Staffing and Recruitment for All Your Needs

Because of our flexibility and diverse hiring and recruitment practices we are able to staff companies with a wide range of needs. Use our services for everything from temp work to corporate positions to streamline your entire hiring process and save time and money in the process. We work efficiently to bring you workers who have the skills you need today and into the future.


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