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Vaughan, Ontario, known for its incredible shopping experiences and diverse cultural attractions, is also home to a wide range of industries including administrative, manufacturing, and service based. The city is also known for its fairly recent population growth which has doubled in roughly 25 years.

With this rapidly growing population, new businesses are needed for shopping, recreation, manufacturing and service. To meet the demand for employers who need to fill positions and new residents seeking work, Employment Agency Vaughan helps to streamline the process guaranteeing that companies get the employees with the skills they need and job-seekers are matched with positions they can thrive in.


Streamlining the Hiring Process

A recent study showed that the time it takes to hire someone is increasing. This additional time costs money and takes away from other functions of the business. At Employment Agency Vaughan, we streamline the hiring process for temporary and temporary to hire employees.

One of the key benefits of using our recruitment firm is that we conduct many of the preliminary hiring checks before you even meet the employee or see their resume. This includes gathering application materials and matching skill sets to opportunities.

This benefits companies who are looking for both temporary fill-in employees and permanent hires. By hiring a temporary employee who has the option to become permanent, you are able to see if the applicant is a good fit before investing the time and effort into hiring them for a full position and getting far more insight than a simple interview would provide.

Job Agencies Vaughan for Factory Staffing

Manufacturing jobs are an important part of the Vaughan economy. And ensuring your factory facility is employed with dependable, trainable workers is what makes it possible to maintain and grow your business.

At Employment Agency Vaughan, we specialize in providing qualified factory employees for short and long term fill in positions. With the often-high rate of turnover in manufacturing facilities, it is important to have a recruitment firm that can match your needs quickly when an unexpected illness or termination occurs.


Benefits of Hiring with a Recruitment Firm

Dedicated Hiring Team

Our experienced and dedicated hiring team is able to provide better hiring solutions and faster turnarounds because, simply, this is what we do. Unlike an in-house HR department or other hiring platform, with Employment Agency Vaughan we are able to focus solely on the task of finding your company great people to work with which makes for a more efficient process and better results.

Expedited Hiring

In high turnover industries like factory or office staffing, being able to find quality people quickly can mean huge differences in how much time and productivity is lost. With our temporary employee and temporary to hire options you will have access to fast hiring solutions along with the potential to find a permanent employee who you will be able to test out before hiring.

Lowered Onboarding Expenses

With the option of temporary employees, you are able to reduce the costs of hiring a permanent employee without sacrificing the opportunity to find a permanent hire. Various expenses do not apply to temporary employees and temporary employment allows for a much more insightful view of how the employee will work with the company versus a simple interview.


Temporary to hire employment offers the best of both world to employees and employers. Employers often get to hire someone more quickly at a lower cost without the rigorous hiring process associated with a permanent hire. Employees can test out a company and position without having to concern themselves with giving two-weeks’ notice or any other formal action to leave the position. For both, the hire option at the end allows for the arrangement to continue for a seamless, permanent hiring solution.

Fast Fill-In Options

An unexpected illness or termination can easily leave your business unable to fulfill its obligations especially in a factory setting. Additionally, this can mean remaining employees will be more prone to being overworked which often leads to less productivity.  At Employment Agency Vaughan, we understand the unique issues faced by the manufacturing industry and seek to providing fast hiring solutions that can help you find fill-in workers within a matter of days or even hours to ensure your business can continue to run smoothly.


Matching Great Employees with Great Companies

For Employers

We actively recruit and vet hundreds of qualified employees. With our active database of applicants, we give you fast access to knowledge about special skill sets, experience and the type of employment individuals are seeking.

This can dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with sifting through applicants for a newly posted position. We also provide help with creating job postings and detailing what it is you are looking for. Often, the process of find a qualified candidate starts with ensuring you are searching for the right skills as opposed to putting out a general call that will not fit your needs. Other resources for employers include job posting help, customer support, dedicated talent agency representation, same day fill in options and temporary to hire.

For Employees

We offer a range of benefits for applicants including help with matching your individual skills to potential employment opportunities. This can include a skills test, resume help and also a recruiter working for you to find new jobs and positions that will work for your experience and goals.

Most importantly, applicants will be able to apply to opportunities quickly from our database. This can be a major time savings over searching through individual job boards and other employment-seeking methods. Other resources for employees include resume help, training, customer support, temporary to hire employment opportunities and personalized job seeking help.


Find Your Next Hiring Solution

Employment Agency Toronto is here to help both employers and employees find the best matches for their goals and schedules. We provide the hiring solutions Vaughan employers and employees need to increase productivity, create a better working environment and decrease the time and costs associated with matching qualified candidates to open positions. To learn more about our hiring resources and services, use our contact page to complete a profile and reach our knowledgeable hiring team.


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