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Built upon the idea of being a good place for all, Markham has lived up to this promise by not only incorporating many cultural activities and events but also a diverse economy.

Though the city is known for its business services and having IBM as the top employer, there is also a wealth of life-sciences companies and automobile manufacturing facilities.


With these diverse industries including technology, manufacturing, food service, office work and others, Markham needs reliable, cost-effective hiring solutions. At Employment Agency Markham we provide staffing solutions for many industries including manufacturing which often experiences a high turnover rate.

High turnover rate industries, especially those that produce a product, are especially in need of fast hiring solutions like those that a dedicated employment agency can provide.

Our team of specialists will help you find better temp, seasonal and temp-to-hire employees for  time and cost effective hiring solutions!

Temporary Factory Workers

Employment Agency Markham offers a wide range of employees, but we specialize in filling open factory positions. Manufacturing work often experiences a high turnover rate, and this can present many problems. Not only does this affect output, it can also become a strain on remaining employees who may experience greater stress that will lead to more accidents and sick days.

We help you fill positions faster to avoid the issues associated with being short staffed in a factory environment. With our service, you will be given access to our on-file workers, many of whom have extensive factory experience, along with the option to post a new job seeking applicants.

Employer Resources

Job Post Writing: All too often employers will use an overly generalized job posting template that fails to describe the job or what the position requires. Employment Agency Markham crafts a customized posting to ensure you attract qualified candidates faster – this saves both time and resources.

Background Checking: We conduct background checks and pre-interviewing questions on all of our temp workers to ensure we can match their skills with the best positions.

Vetted Temp Employees: Take advantage of our fast hiring options with our on-file temp employees, many of whom have extensive experience in a variety of industries including factory work, food service and clerical work.


Why Hire with Job Agencies?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their income, time flexibility and working environment. For most, permanent and/or full-time employment is the goal, but temporary positions can offer other benefits – including temp-to-hire positions.

Employment Agency Markham places many employees in temp positions that turn into permanent hires. This allows you to get to know the company first and often have an easier and faster hiring and on-boarding process than with being hired permanently from the start. Other benefits include:

Try before you commit

Though it can be difficult to leave a temp position you have grown to enjoy; it can also be a relief to leave one that you have not liked. You can try out a variety of industries and companies without creating a resume that looks as if you cannot hold a single job


Many temp jobs are part time or allow for flexible hours. A temp position often fits in well for someone who needs a job over the summer or holidays or as a side job while going to school, caring for children or when normal, seasonal employment is not available

Avoid Resume Gaps

Not only can temp employment fill a gap in between jobs, being a temp worker can give you a positive or neutral reason for a gap. While some gaps in employment are understandable, others will be concerning to future employers. Gaps in between temp positions will often be looked at as inevitable and understandable.

Build Your Resume

Often, the requirements for temp employees are not as demanding as they are for a permanent hire. If you lack experience or are trying to go into another industry, temp employment could be the ideal fit


Matching Great Employees with Great Companies

At Employment Agency Markham, we make it our top priority to ensure we are working with both quality candidates and employers. Our dedicated team of hiring professionals work to ensure the best matches by analyzing skills and narrowing down candidates until we find a great fit. By choosing a better fit from the start, the time and expense associated with having to refill a position are drastically reduced – which is better for the companies and workers we work with.

Why Hire Temporary Employees?

Much like the benefits for the employees, the greatest advantage is being able to try out a new hire on a temporary basis before hiring permanently if that is the goal. This creates a natural end date to employment which avoids the need for formal termination. Additional benefits include:

  • Expedited Hiring: Temp workers are typically much easier to hire. Many have specific skills that will allow them to start the job more quickly and there is less pressure than with a permanent hire.
  • Cost Savings: Temporary employees are often cheaper to hire for short-term positions lasting less than 6 months. Adjusted hourly rates based on skill may also make the hire cheaper.
  •  Temp to Hire: Try out one or more employees without the expense of benefits or other resources while also avoiding the difficulty of terminating a worker.


Resources for Employees

Resume Help: We can help analyze your resume and provide constructive feedback on how to improve to appeal to prospective employers.
Access to Job Postings: Browse our available positions and apply to those you are interested in.
Curated Job Postings: Our team will select the jobs that we feel are the best fit for your skills and background.


Try the Employment Agency Markham Difference

At Employment Agency Markham, we know that you have options for hiring solutions and we work to ensure we provide the best resources and candidate matching to create an ongoing partnership.

To experience the Employment Agency Markham difference, contact us at (647) 492-3533.