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Toronto’s diverse economy

Toronto’s diverse economy makes it home to a wide range of industries and a talented, skilled workforce. To ensure your company thrives in this busy city, you need a recruitment firm that will find you the best candidates on time and on budget.


We Help Companies Find Great People

Is the hiring process for your company slowing down progress or leaving you with employees who don’t fit your needs? Finding quality people to work for your company is key to long term success. With the right people in place, you can reduce costs and time associated with training, hiring, staff replacement, and human resources.

Employment Agency Toronto makes finding the right people faster and more efficient than ever with our comprehensive tools for employers along with our dedicated and knowledgeable team who lend a personal touch to the vetting and hiring process.

Find Great Employees

Staffing agencies can be an ideal employment situation for many workers. Often there are less onboarding requirements, a shorter hiring process, and an overall faster route to employment than with searching through other methods.

Working through a recruitment firm can also help you to try different jobs and companies before making a commitment. While many employers hire temporary staff permanently at the end of their term, you will have the option to decline and the process is less involved than quitting a permanent job.

Flexibility is also a huge plus for employees. Temporary workers often have fewer hours and can work at different times than full-time employees which can be beneficial if you are taking classes or are a caregiver who cannot do a 9-5 schedule. Employment Agency Toronto will also work with you to identify the best opportunities to meet your scheduling needs.


Why Hire with Job Agencies?

With dedicated job agencies like Employ- ment Agency Toronto, you get an experi- enced team who will work to ensure you get potential employee matches who best suit your criteria and company culture. Simply put, staffing solutions are what we do and excel at. Unlike other options for finding employees, a job agency works exclusively to find suitab le candidates, so all expertise and time is put forth to guarantee the best results and best employees for you.

According to a recent study, it can take anywhere from 14 days to 63 days to fill a position. With a staffing agency working for you, we can often fill many positions in a fraction of the time or, at least, provide a suitable temporary employee who you may choose to keep or will work while looking for a permanent employee. This is an especially important factor in office staffing, factory staffing and other positions that have a high turnover.

There are a variety of ways that a staffing agency can save you money when hiring. First, temporary employees can decrease costs because it is often cheaper to emp- loyee non-permanent employees as hours and benefits are less. Additionally, our job agency can often find you temporary employees far faster and for less cost than an in-house hiring team.

Temporary hiring is a great way to test out one or more candidates to get the right set of skills to work for the position. Letting a temporary employee go if the position does not work out is also a far easier process and one that ensures you will not pay additional expenses like unemployment costs. However, with temporary to hire options, you can retain the staff members you like.

Being short staffed can cause a wide range of problems. In physical labor jobs this can be dangerous as workers are pushed to cover for those who are absent. For office and knowledge workers this can mean mental burnout and decreased productivity. Overtime pay for employees who are covering for others can also create a large, unexpected expense as well. With Employment Agency Toronto, we ensure you get temporary staff quickly to cover absences to reduce risks and expenses.


Specializing in Factory Staffing

Depending on several factors, factories often have a high turnover rate. Though many positions may be fairly easy to fill, this turnover rate can still leave your factory shorthanded for days at a time which is not safe and can often cost more if overtime pay is required for remaining workers.

To combat the negative impact of high turnover, Employment Agency Toronto works to guarantee we can have replacement workers to your facility as quickly as possible – often within one to two business days as needed and even save day in many situations.

Whether you have a situation with an employee who has an unexpected illness, long term absence, vacation or other issue, we’re here to help with all your factory staffing needs.

Staffing for New Positions and Companies

Along with temporary job fillings, we are also equipped to help you find employees for new positions and to staff your entire company as needed. Finding quality employees is often one of the biggest challenges for companies – especially new businesses and newly created positions where the job role may be difficult to define.

At Employment Agency Toronto, we give you access to hundreds of qualified temporary employees who are ideal for testing out in new positions. As temporary employees, the expectation is set that they are likely to only be with the company for a short time. This way, unlike with a permanent hire, the process of terminating the position is far easier on the company and the staff members should it become necessary.


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