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Mississauga is home to a wide range of industries and is known for its diverse attractions and year-round multicultural celebrations.

Its proximity to Toronto while offering an often less congested and affordable alternative to living in the major city makes it a popular area to live, work and travel to.


With so many opportunities here, it can be a great asset for both employees and employers to have a reliable employment agency working for them to reduce the stress of hiring and job searching.

At Employment Agency Mississauga, we’re committed to providing the companies and individual employees who work with us a fast, effective and streamlined experience for all staffing needs including:

  • Office staffing
  • Factory staffing
  • Temp-to-hire positions
  • Hospitality staffing

Specializing in Factory Staffing

Employment Agency Mississauga helps match great employees with employers in a multitude of industries including factory staffing. Factories and manufacturing are an important of the Mississauga economy, but a variety of factors make positions here high turnover including the fact that people frequently move up in the company, change positions and experience illness or injury. We make it possible to fill these staffing gaps quickly to reduce gaps in your facility’s output.

Fill Factory Positions Quickly: In manufacturing, success is about the numbers, specifically how fast items can be turned out without losing quality. Being short staffed in a factory facility can lead to workers lowered morale, increased accidents and lowered production. Employment Agency Mississauga ensures you can fill unexpected and scheduled absences more quickly than other methods of recruitment and hiring by having a ready team of potential hires to choose from.

Search through our existing temp employees or let us help you craft a customized job posting!

Find Great People Fast

We are committed to connecting great companies with great people. Employment Agency Mississauga helps you find qualified employees faster and for less than with an in-house hiring team. Our continuous recruitment helps us keep a comprehensive database of applicants who are looking for work now – making filling positions after an unexpected departure easier than ever.

Use our robust recruitment tools and services to hire the best matches for your position:

  • Customized Job Posting
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Pre-Interview Screening
  • Candidate Search Options
  • Hiring Consultation
  • More!


Why Work with a Temp Agency?

Each of us has different goals when it comes to employment and for many, that goal is being hired permanently by a company. Because of this, a temporary position may seem like a step back but placement with a temp agency can have a wide range of benefits including:

Try Before You Commit

A dream job can easily turn into a nightmare if the company culture or industry is not what you had expected. Temporary positions allow you to try out a company without having to worry about formally leaving the position if it doesn’t work out.


For those just rejoining the workforce, who need something in between school semesters or need something that can work with childcare, temporary employment is often the best option. With a temporary position, you are often able to gain a higher rate and work in a better environment than with other common short-term jobs such as retail or fast food service.

Fast Resume Building

With temporary employment, you can get a variety of experiences at different companies to improve your resume quickly which is ideal for new graduates and those who are returning to the workforce.

Faster Employment

On average, finding a temporary position is much faster than securing a permanent one due to the extended hiring process involved in a permanent hire situation. This expedited hiring is ideal for those who find themselves between jobs, unexpectedly unemployed, or a variety of other situations

Temp to Hire Opportunities

Just because a position starts temporary, does not mean it will remain that way. Many of our placements get offered permanent positions for a seamless transition from temp to full employee.


Customized Job Postings

Unable to find the candidate you need from our portfolio? Employment Agency Mississauga hiring experts will help craft a custom job posting to ensure you get the best candidates for your needs. With a customized job posting you get a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Time Savings: With an expertly worded job posting, you can help ensure that applicants meet certain criteria before ever interviewing anyone in person.
  • Cost Savings: Less time spent hiring, the more affordable the whole process.
  • Better Hiring: By ensuring you get a better fit for your position; you can reduce the chances of needing to re-staff should the employee not work out.

Professional Appearance: When a company uses a generic job posting, it not only attracts the wrong applicants, it also gives the impression that the company is unsure of what they need or that the process is not being taken seriously. A customized job posting is more informative and gives the first impression that the company is established and knows what it wants in a team member.

Resources for Temporary Employees

Employment Agency Mississauga knows that we are only as good as the employees we place with a company.  We make it a priority to recruit top candidates across industries and provide them with resources to make finding the ideal employment faster and simpler, including:

  • Help with Resume Writing
  • Consultation on Job Types
  • Skill Assessments
  • Curated Job Opportunities
  • Job Skills Matching


Experience the Employment Agency Mississauga Difference

All employment agencies facilitate finding employees, but Employment Agency Mississauga does more than just collect resumes and job postings, we work to make your company run more smoothly and make work life easier.

We make it a top priority to test candidate skills and accurately match them with job postings for a better experience for workers and companies. This focused attention helps ensure your temporary workers can begin their jobs more quickly and reduce the difficulties associated with a new hire who is not experienced in the industry or job role.


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